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Behavior Philosophy of the Company: United, Enterprising, Sincere, Promise-keeping
The company thinks that a united and enterprising team is the foundation of the success of the company and the soul for realizing sustainable operation of the company. No progress simply means regression and danger in the face of market economy; facing people sincerely, facing career sincerely, facing customers sincerely, repaying the society sincerely and keeping promise are the base for us to be respected by others and the key internal cause of expansion and development of the company.

Business Philosophy of the Company: Make Customers Successful, Create Value Model
Making customers successful and creating value are the source of the growth of our company.
The company makes customers successful, is devoted to satisfaction and success of customers, takes values of customers as the guide, takes customer satisfaction as the evaluation, aims at the best of the industry and pursues sedulously based on the reality. Through the realization of the profits of customers, the company reasonably resolves benefit of the customers and benefit of the company, so that each part gets what he wants and the enterprise realizes its own benefits drop by drop and becomes the model of the industry.

Quality Policy of the Company: Quality First, Credit Uppermost
Quality equals life of the enterprise and credit is the spiritual character of the enterprise. The two parts are closely related with each other. Good enterprise credit cannot be built and the enterprise cannot survive during fierce competition without good product quality. The company can only survive and develop stably during fierce market competition if it ensures quality and cherishes credit.




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