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DBF-104LMulti-station cold upsetting formers

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DBF-104LMulti-station cold upsetting formers


1. Being equipped with air clutch with the advantage of low actuating current for operating the former in 3 modes such as Inching, Single Stroke and Continuous Running. The main ram can stop at its rear position automatically, when the former is operated under Single Stroke and Continuous Running modes for guaranteeing the safety of die and leaving the biggest space for operation and adjustment.

2. Thanks to swing type pneumatic gripping mechanism, the gripping capacity is adjustable and clamping power is stable even at high working speed. If the first gripper meets the wire in short size, it can open the jaw for release automatically, however the machine will stop and give the alarm simultaneously.

3. Pressing and feeding wire is actuated by pawl via the control of air cylinder, the pawl is fixed an auto-raise device, when the pawl goes back, it can raise, so the friction and noise can be eliminated, further more this device can prevent the ratchet running in reverse direction. However, there are two overdrive clutches fixed in the feeding course, it can guarantee the feed being beyond retreat.

4. Wire cutting part is actuated by strong link-block system, the movement is stable and reliable, as well as by using circular shears for assuring the kerf clear and neat.

5. Each station of rear knock out device can be adjusted individually, and the last station can realize the action of knocking out trimmed product via adjusting the location of cam or changing different cam.

6. Front knock out part moves simultaneously with the retreat movement of the main ram, for letting the product temporarily stay at mould plunger, in order to prevent the plunger to be dragged away, then damage the product.

7. Either front knock out device or rear knock out device is fixed a safety pin with the function of pressure check-up, if the abnormal situation happens, the pin will be broken for stopping the stopping the former, however send out alert signal as well, for guaranteeing the other parts in good condition.

8. There is imported converter available in electrical system, so it is easy to run the former with stepless variable drive; PLC also is used for automatically inspecting the working mode of the former with the functions of fault display.

9. Both main and auxiliary rams, all are made of abrasion resistant alloy, and the inside plates of the formers are made of imported quench alloy steel for letting the former keep on long term’s precision and stability, the service life of the die can be prolonged.

10. The principal parts such as body frame, main ram, main link lever etc. all are made of high-strength material, however they are treated under strict casting technique, for instance, as stress relieving , in order to prevent deformation and machine rigidity can be promised as well as machine precision can be retained for long term.

11. Main components for each part and all cams all are machined by numerically-controlled machine tools, for guaranteeing precision and the curve smooth and sliding.

12. Touch screen and man-machine dialogue numerical control system are optional for meeting customer’s requirement, they are used for setting the length of thread pipe of rear knock out, the length of barrier and the feeding length, it is convenient for quick die change. This system has a memory capacity of 99 mnemonic modules for meeting the requirement of quick die change.


Model Unit DBF-104L
forging NO. 4
Forging force Kgs 80-000
Max cut-off dia. mm φ12
Max cut-off length mm 185
output rate pcs/min φ80-130
P.K.O Stroke mm 30
K.O.Stroke mm 160
Maxin ram steoke mm 262
Main motor power Kw 30
Overall dims. of cut off die mm φ45*59L
Overall dims. of punch die mm φ53*115L
Overall dims. of main die mm φ75*185L
Die pitch mm 94
Approx.weight T 21
applicable bolt size mm 6-10
Shank length of blank mm 20-152


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