DBP-255S multi-station cold heading forming machine

Cold heading is mainly used in the manufacture of bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and steel balls and other parts. The forging blank material can be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, etc., and the material utilization rate can reach 80-90%. Cold heading is mostly carried out on a special cold heading machine, which is convenient for continuous, multi-station and automatic production. On the cold heading machine, the process of cutting, heading, accumulation, forming, chamfering, rolling, reducing diameter and trimming can be completed in sequence.

Key words:

Key words: cold heading forming machine cold heading machine

Product Details

The three-die six-punch multi-stroke screw cold heading machine can make a wide range of products: ordinary screws, inner (outer) angle screws, hexagonal pad screws, multi-step screws and parts, super-large head short rod screws and parts, all-hollow pull nails, all-hollow ultra-long pull nails, semi-hollow rivets, cold forged special-shaped parts and other high-value-added products. The invention discloses a multi-station cold heading forming machine with turning function. The forming machine includes: a main mold is arranged on the side of a clamp table facing a clamp seat, and the main mold accommodates a workpiece to be processed: the clamp seat is pivotally connected with the clamp table through a connecting rod, the clamp seat is provided with at least one turning clamp, and each turning clamp corresponds to a transmission gear; the rotating shaft of the transmission gear is fixed on the clamp table: the flip gear, the clamp column, the clamp arm and the clamp piece, wherein the flip gear is fixedly connected with one end of the clamp column, and the flip gear meshes with the transmission gear; The rotation angle of the flip gear along the movement direction of the flip clamp is 90 degrees; The other end of the clamp column is provided with a clamp arm, and the corresponding end of the clamp arm and the main mold is provided with a clamp piece, which clamps the workpiece to be processed. Using the embodiment of the present invention, the workpiece to be processed can be turned 90 degrees.

Application areas:

Multi-station automatic cold heading machine is a kind of high efficiency, automatic professional machine tool in forging machinery. Cold heading process and automatic cold heading machine is an important means for the standard parts industry to produce all kinds of bolts, screws, rivets, nuts. Due to the advanced nature of the cold heading equipment itself and the superiority of the cold heading process, it can also be widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as: aviation, ships, machinery, rail transit, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, sewing machines, construction, The processing and production of fasteners and special-shaped non-standard parts in furniture and light industry, daily necessities and other industries.

Key features:

1. Using air pressure clutch, the current is small when the machine starts, and it can realize "inch movement", "single operation" and "continuous operation". When the latter two kinds of operation are stopped, the main slider can automatically stay in the last position to ensure the safety of the mold and provide the maximum operation and debugging space.

2. The clamping force of the rotary swing pneumatic clamp mechanism is adjustable, and the clamping material is stable when running at high speed. The first group of clamps can automatically open the loose material when the feeding is short, and stop the machine to give an alarm.

3. Both pressing and feeding are controlled by cylinder and driven by ratchet. The pawl is equipped with an automatic lifting device during the return trip, which can eliminate friction and noise and prevent the pawl from being driven to reverse. A double-channel overrunning clutch is installed during the feeding process to ensure that there is no backward feeding.

4. The cutting part is driven by the connecting rod sliding plate, which is stable, reliable and powerful. At the same time, the circumferential scissors can ensure that the cut surface is neat and smooth.

5. Each station of the rear exit mechanism can be adjusted separately, and the last station can realize the trimming exit action by adjusting the cam position or replacing the cam.

6. The front exit part runs synchronously with the return action of the main slider, so that the workpiece temporarily stays in the male die after forming, so as to avoid deformation caused by the punching tool.

7. Both the rear and front exit mechanisms are equipped with pressure detection safety pins. In the event of an abnormality, it will automatically break and stop the alarm to ensure that other parts are intact.

8. The electrical system is equipped with imported frequency converter, which can conveniently realize stepless speed regulation of machine production speed. PLC numerical control detection device can automatically detect the working state of the machine and fault alarm display.

9. The main and auxiliary sliders are made of wear-resistant materials, and the inside of the body is made of imported alloy steel after quenching treatment, so as to maintain long-term precision stability and prolong the service life of the mold.

Body, the main slider, the main connecting rod and other major components are selected high-strength materials, the strict casting process, the elimination of residual stress treatment, to prevent deformation, to ensure that the machine rigidity, precision long-term stability.

11. The main parts of each part and all cams are manufactured by CNC machine tools to ensure precision and smooth curves.

12. Touch screen type man-machine interface numerical control system can be selected according to user requirements, which is used for automatic adjustment of back-through tooth tube size setting, blocking material position and feeding length setting, which can greatly reduce mold replacement and adjustment time. The system can store 99 groups of adjustment parameters and is suitable for rapid mold change requirements.

Model Unit DBP-255S
Number of work NO. 5
Compressive force Kgs 440.000
Maximum shear diameter mm φ30
Maximum shear length mm 253
Production schedule pcs/min 35-55
Through stroke of punching tool mm 40
Molding through stroke mm 205
Main sliding table stroke mm 330
Main motor power Kw 110
Exterior dimension of shear die mm φ80 * 130L
External dimension of punching tool mm φ120 * 170L
Molding dimension mm φ140 * 250L
Mold spacing mm 160
Approximate weight of machine T 115
Diameter of available bolt mm 14-27
Length under silk head mm 35-180


1. The production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product.

2. The maximum material cutting diameter and product size listed in the table are calculated as medium carbon alloy steel.

The Company reserves the right to modify the above parameters; such changes are subject to change without prior notice.

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